Precision Cleaning, Cutting, Deburring And Machining For The Hardest Substances on Earth.

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Burrs Happen. Water is the Solution.

High pressure deburring and washing systems engineered with 80 years of experience, and backed by world-class service and support.

Our high pressure Jet Clean Center (JCC) washing and deburring solutions are engineered to deliver precision results, short cycle times, and flexibility over the life of the machine. We provide efficient cleaning and deburring on everything from the simplest parts to the most complex geometrical components --even on Inconel and titanium.

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Think You've Got Specs We Can't Achieve?

We're engineering solutions that keep up with ever- changing specifications for your industry.

Precision. Reliability. Repeatability. Flexibility.

XtenDED additive and cnc machining

DED Additive + CNC Machining


Micro Bubble Fluid Cleaner and Emulsion Separator

Sugino Corp Barriquan Mechanical Deburring

Self-Compensating Deburring Toolholders


Roller Burnishing Tools that Outshine the Competition

Precision. Reliability. Repeatability. Flexibility.


5-Axis Simultaneous Control Compact Machining Center


Robotic deburring atuomated technology


Service, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and spare parts


Turnkey Solutions for Our Manufacturing Partners

We're helping our global partners solve some of the biggest challenges that manufacturers face today. We can combine our cutting, machining, drilling, tapping, washing, and deburring technologies with automation and inspection to provide you with one complete solution.