Micro Bubble Fluid Cleaner / Emulsion Separator

JCC-HM-Z is a Sugino-designed water/coolant treatment unit that utilizes micro bubbles and a Weir and Baffle system to remove oil, debris, metal fines, and contamination from fluid tanks.

The micro bubbles lift debris to the surface which is then trapped in the baffle system for removal. This unit offers excellent portability - it can be moved from machine to machine effortlessly - and only requires shop air to operate.


Increases water/coolant life and helps to protect important machine components such as pumps and seals

Aerates the fluid bath to help prevent bacterial growth and reduce foul odors

Helps to eliminate residue on finished parts and reduce the cost of fluid chemistry disposal and replacement

NOTE: Water soluble mixtures and emulsions may separate

Micro Bubbles Remove Debris



Height: 1040 ㎜ (3.5 ft)
Width: 580 ㎜ (1.93 ft)
Depth: 390 ㎜ (1.27 ft)
Capacity: 11L/min (0.25 MPa)
Weight: Approx. 50 kg
Power:  Air (Min 60Psi)

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The JCC-HM-Z is portable and easy to operate.

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