Flexible, High-Pressure Water CNC Deburring and Cleaning Machines

Whether you have challenging parts to wash, burrs to remove — or both — JCC systems are engineered to provide you with precision, high-pressure deburring and washing. Highly accurate (0.08 mm), repeatable (CNC) results without a heat-affected zone (HAZ).

Our products are a direct result of listening to customer feedback, pushing our engineers to develop better solutions, and joining our manufacturing partners to lower their environmental impact. Our JCC units are backed by a global Service Team so they can continue to meet your performance requirements and ever-changing industry standards long after purchase.

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One solution that checks all the boxes.

  • Ease of Operation

    Similar to a vertical machining center, minimal training is required and operators will be ready to run the machine shortly after installation.

  • CNC Reliability and Accuracy

    With CNC control, 0.08 mm positioning accuracy contributes to highly efficient deburring and washing.

  • Widely Used

    Thousands of installations since it's introduction in 1994.

  • High Pressure Pumps with Automatic Pressure Correction

    Optimizes pressure to help eliminate fluctuations which can cause defects.

  • Flexibility/Modularity

    Retool costs can be drastically reduced.

  • Dependable Service

    Backed by a global service and aftermarket team.

  • 80 Years of Experience

    JCC combines Sugino's 80 years of machining and waterjet experience.

  • Trusted Solution

    Trusted by automotive OEMs, tier 1 and 2 suppliers, aerospace/aircraft primes and tiers, and a host of other industry-leading manufacturers.

  • Spray Nozzle Tools

    Can handle various workpieces — we offer a variety of washing nozzle attachments such as L type nozzle, twin nozzle, and deburring tools - up to 6 options on turret units.

  • Multiple Automation Solutions

    Best modular type washing machine suitable for gantry loader, conveyer, and robot transfer.

Specifications and Details
JCC104104 Wide104 Super-Wide303 Turn-Table403 U-Jet431 U-Jet
421 U-Jet Turn-Table431 U-Jet Turn-Table
# Tools6666666666
X-Axis (mm)750100016507501000750100016007501000
Y-Axis (mm)500500490500500500500650500500
Z-Axis (mm)500500500500500400400900350350

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