Automated Drilling and Tapping

A half century since their release, the "Selfeeder" drilling units and "Synchro Tapper" tapping units are now global standards.  These units, which are an accumulation of technology and know-how over many years, are installed at sites around the world.  Known for their longevity, precision, and versatility - our creative customers also use them to perform burnishing, boring, reaming, and deburring operations.


Selfeeder™ Units

We've got a full line of drill and tap units to handle a wide range of production needs. For information and guidance on selecting the right solution, please contact us.

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Why choose Selfeeder? Let's drill down.

  • Speed and Feed Options

    All pneumatic air-feed and rotation, air-feed and electric rotation, fully programmable servo feed and spindle rotation.

  • Long Stroke Units

    Available for special applications.

  • Highly Accurate and Rigid

    Spindle TIR as good as 0.0004″, and depth repeatability as good as 0.0008″.

  • High Speed and Durable

    Models for all materials and industries.

  • Customizable

    Wide variety of spindle types available.

  • Quick-Change Adapters

    Available on some models.

  • No-Drift Spindle Designs

  • 29-Point Inspection

    And run-in test on every unit.

  • Lower Cost

    Standardized parts and structures.

  • Compact

    Space savings for your production.

We can help you find the right Selfeeder solution for your needs.


Talk to us about your process and requirements. Our team can guide you to the right product for your needs.


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