New Deburr Labo Opens in Japan

New Deburring Labo Opens: Focused on Advancement, Automation, Collaboration, and Solutions for Deburring

Sugino Machine Co., Ltd. (Namerikawa City, Toyama Prefecture, President & CEO: Yoshiaki Sugino) and Sugino Corp. (Itasca, IL, President & COO: Don Reeder) are pleased to announce the opening of the “Deburring Labo at SUGINO” which has been established at the Kakegawa Plant (Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture).

Sugino’s new Deburr Labo opened its doors in Japan to advance the way manufacturers handle deburring. Specifically, the lab will address the growing need for automation by improving productivity and reducing the need for manual labor. It is the only facility in the world that consolidates R&D and testing of advanced deburring technologies including water jet deburring and float deburring, into one state-of-the-art facility.

The Sugino Deburr Labo in Japan is a facility focused on research, testing, and development for deburring in manufacturing

A look inside the Deburr Labo at Sugino in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

The Deburring Labo Mission

“Inspiration for everyone who thinks about deburring.”

As the need for automation continues to increase across manufacturing, the lab will develop improvements in productivity to the deburring process to address both labor shortages and safety concerns.

The Deburring Labo gathers together deburring engineers and equipment into one trailblazing space to conduct research and develop advanced deburring technology and products. The goal is to help customers find solutions that will result in process improvements, identify ways to minimize the impact of labor shortages, and make working conditions safer.

Sugino Machine not only prides itself on expert deburring knowledge, but has been at the forefront of progress with its core technologies: high-pressure water jet cleaning and deburring, a self-compensating floating deburring process, and highly-rigid machining centers that boast a small footprint.

Main Research Themes of the Deburring Labo

Water Jet Deburring

With over 50+ years of expertise in harnessing the power of water, Sugino has developed and manufactured a wide range of products from cleaning equipment to cutting tools,  as well as their own pumps.

Building on this strong history, research will focus on:

  • The integration of automated functions with high-pressure waterjet deburring technology.
    • Deburring cross holes, machining challenges, addressing a wide range of fine burrs, film removal, etc.
  • Reviewing the holistic process: from machining through deburring, to develop the most effective combinations of water jet deburring with mechanical tools such as cutting tools and brushes.

Float Deburring

While the use of industrial robots for deburring has increased, the process is not without challenges. In response, Sugino developed Barriquanä, a mechanical deburring tool holder equipped with self-compensating float technology.

The lab will investigate:

  • How float deburring can expand the possibilities and consistency of automated deburring by robots.
    • Processing burrs for cast parts, such as parting lines for die-casting/forged parts, etc.
  • High-speed machining and finishing quality by robots.

Deburring and Burr Control During the Machining Process

The ideal manufacturing process would not create burrs at all. Or it would make them easy to remove. So, the lab will study how burrs are made to see if we can eliminate them entirely or create processing conditions that reduce the load of the deburring portion of the manufacturing process.

Sugino’s own highly-rigid machining centers will be utilized, and research will focus on:

  • Manufacturing processes that produce burrs that are easy to remove. This would include milling, drilling, and looking at material properties and shape characteristics, among other topics.
  • Identifying construction methods and tools suitable to best address unique burr characteristics.

Facilities and Research Equipment

Below is a look at the new lab facility:

Sugino Deburr Labo hub for work and collaboration

The “hub” of the Deburr Labo, for work and collaboration

The conference area at Deburr Labo for work and collaboration

The meeting and work space at the Deburr Labo at Sugino.

The conference area at Deburr Labo for collaboration on work, research, development, and testing

The hub is a meeting space to discuss innovations and process improvements on the topic of deburring.

A meeting takes place in the Sugino Deburr Labo hub for collaboration

Employees meet to review research and testing from the Lab.

Sugino's Jet Clean Center High pressure water jet deburring machine

Inside the JCC 104 Hybrid high pressure water jet deburring machine.

Robotic deburring, waterjet deburring, and machining centers stand ready in the lab.


















Sugino’s Deburring Labo has been thoughtfully designed to encourage creativity, collaboration, and inspiration for solving the challenges of deburring. The exchange of knowledge, expertise, and the pursuit of technology and communication is the core purpose of the lab. The combination of deburring experts fused with Sugino technology will advance deburring automation exponentially, and ultimately provide new opportunities for  their customers.

Facility Features and Equipment in the Lab


The Sugino JCC 104 Hybrid for deburring with his pressure water and mechanical tools

JCC 104 HYBRID High-Pressure Water Jet Deburring/Cleaning: 50 MPa high-pressure. Features a Barriquan in turret, equipped with air, indexing 5-Axis.

The Sugino SC-V40a machining center

Compact Machining Center SC-V40a: small-footprint #40.











Sugino Barriquan float deburring on the end of a robot arm

A Barriquan deburring tool holder on the end of a robotic arm.

The Sugino SC-V30a machining center

Inside the SC-V30a machining center.








Sugino's Good Design Award for the Barriquan tool

Barriquan: Tool holder/spindle motor with floating mechanism can be installed on various equipment such as washing machines, robots, and machining centers.









More Details

  • Opening Date: July 20, 2023
  • Location: Sugino Machine Co., Ltd. Kakegawa Office (1300 Hase, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
  • Purpose: In-house laboratory engaged in technical research, product development, testing, and verification related to deburring and burr control.
  • A combination of the Hub area equipped with a meeting room and workspace for exchanging information + the Labo area equipped with various equipment for processing tests and research.
  • In the News:

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