JCC™ U-Jet CNC Turret-Type Submerged Part Washing Machine

Synergy effect between the 7 MPa HP Jet and cavitation efficiently and effectively removes debris from complex features within a part.

Horn Nozzle™ for Submerged Washing

Sugino's original Horn Nozzle™ design creates cavitation bubbles for high performance submerged washing. This CNC machine efficiently and effectively removes debris from complex features within a part by the synergistic effect between the 7 MPa (1,000 PSI) high-pressure jet and cavitation.

Image of Underwater cleaning with horn nozzle


Best Suited for Complex-Shaped Workpieces

Submerged washing is critical for internal passages of a work-piece. The synergistic effect of high-pressure jets and cavitation completely removes residual chips from hard-to-reach places within a part - such as the Water Jacket in a Cylinder Head.

Target Washing with High Accuracy

CNC control enables positioning precision of 0.08 mm, delivering highly accurate and efficient washing.

Both Submerged and Open-Air Washing Available

This model is capable of both submerged and open-air washing. The optimum method can be selected according to each work-piece structure.

Washing Sample: Cylinder Head
Material: Aluminum
Pressure: 5 Mpa (725 Psi)

Before and After Washing images JCC U-Jet

Underwater jetting captured by high-speed camera.
Image of underwater cleaning with his pressure water
Cylinder Head

Applicable Work: 

Cylinder Head, Cylinder Block, Hydraulic Manifold, etc.

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