JCC 603 Robo
Variable Ultra-High Pressure CNC Robotic-Hand Type Washing Machine


One Multi-tasking Machine

A highly efficient and precise washing machine that is capable of transferring, washing, and drying — all within a single machine. The use of a highly rigid robotic hand helps to reduce cycle time and decrease installation space. The world’s first MAX 245 MPa ultrahigh-pressure water jet enables deburring of steel materials that had previously been difficult to
clean up.


Deburring with up to 245 MPa (35,500 PSI) High Pressure Water Jet 

Mach 2 water jet cleans and deburrs with unparalleled precision.

Newly Developed Drive Shaft Patent Pending

The use of a new 2-axes joint developed to make targeting small workpieces easier, combined with XYZ 3-axes high-speed and high positioning accuracy, allows flexible and efficient hole and edge targeting.

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Built-In Robotic Hand Changer 

Sugino Jet Clean Center 603 Robotic Hand

Deburring Applications

Deburring around cross-holes in cast iron and stainless steel parts, removal of tough edge burrs due to milling, and removal of oxidation scale after hardening.

Stainless Steel

Before Deburring

Gear teeth with burrs before deburring

After Deburring at 50 MPa (7,250 PSI)

Gear teeth after deburring at 50 MPa

After Deburring at 120 MPa (17,400 PSI)

Gear teeth after deburring 120 MPa

After Deburring at 245 MPa (35,500 PSI)

Gear teeth after deburring at 245 MPa


Stainless steel edge before deburring
Stainless steel edge after deburring at 50 MPa
Stainless Steel edge deburred at 120 MPa
Stainless steel edge after deburring at 245 MPa

Stainless Steel

stainless steel drilled hole before
Hole deburred at 50 MPa
stainless steel hole deburred at 120 MPa
Stainless steel hole deburred at 245 MPa


Titanium edge before deburring
Titanium edge deburred with 50 MPa
Titanium edge after deburring 120 MPa
Titanium edge after deburring at 245 MPa


Inconel edge before deburring
Inconel edge deburred at 50 MPa
Inconel edge deburred 120 MPa
Inconel edge deburred 245 MPa

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Applicable Work

Assembly components such as common rail, brakes, engine and transmission components,
hydraulic manifold, and other parts that require precision deburring.

Consolidated Machining

A single machine covers applications that previously required separate processes and machines for deburring and washing. This helps to reduce machining problems.
View of consolidated machining

Main Specifications

Ultrahigh-pressure Washing Specifications MAX 245 MPa x 4 L/min
Rinse Washing Specifications 0.8 MPa x 100 L/min
Shaft Configuration (Stroke) X-axis 650 Y-axis 500 Z-axis 500 mm A-axis ±90° C-axis 360°
Positioning Accuracy 0.08 mm
Machine Dimensions W 1,600 x L 2,660 x H 2,250 mm
Tank Station Dimensions W 1,600 x L 2,800 x H 2,250 mm
Control Type 3 direct axes + 2-axes joint CNC control
Waterproof Specifications Fully-waterproof (electronic components completely separated 
from environment with water spray)