Jet Clean Center™ Wide


The JCC™ Wide is an open-air, high pressure deburring and washing machine capable of removing residual chips and burrs inside a workpiece by jetting high pressure water at 50 MPa (max.)

  • Washing Features - Deburring and Chip Removal
  • Maximum workpiece dimensions: 600 × 450 × H450 mm

The workpiece dimensions are approximate.

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High Accuracy Targeted Washing

With CNC control, 0.08 mm positioning accuracy contributes to highly efficient deburring and washing.

Total Removal of Any Chips and Burrs

Can handle various workpieces — we offer a variety of washing nozzle attachments such as L type nozzle and twin nozzle, and deburring tools.

Range of Automation Options

Best modular type washing machine suitable for gantry loader, conveyer, and robot transfer.

Flexible Options

We offer options for work tables, pump stations, and filtration.

Wider Washing Area

Same machine width as the conventional JCC model at 1,500 mm, yet provides X-axis stroke of 650 mm.

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