New! Ream Roller

Reaming and burnishing typically require two separate machining passes (and two tool crib changes) in a CNC machine. With Sugino's NEW Ream Roller, you can accomplish both in a single pass, with only one tool crib change. Additionally, “thru-the-spindle coolant” allows for flushing out of machining chips (optimization of tool life) in thru-hole applications.

Based on our experiences with the customers Sugino has newly developed the Reamer and Roller combined tool that easily provides the simultaneous mirror finishing.


Precision ID Finish

Roller works as a guide to restrict vibration or run-out during operation.

Quick One-Pass Operation

The combination of high speed reamer and roller enables short operation time and a mirror-finish.


Roller Burnishing


Rollers compress the metal, creating a mirror finish which is suitable for sliding or sealing surfaces. The compressed metal surface is strong against friction and/or fatigue stress.

Roller Guide


Roller works as a guide to restrict vibration during operation, for a stable finish. The roller pass also erases retract-scratches made by the Reamer.

Replaceable Reamer


High speed cutting, with a replaceable, throw-away reamer to reduce running cost. Coolant-through specification.

Discharging of Chips


Left-helix Reamer and coolant-through flow discharges cutting chips out in a forward direction.

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