Selfeeder Multipurpose Units

The Turret Head with four uses in one unit. CNC Turret Type Multi-axis Head!

The "CNC Turret Head 4TH3S" is a compact single unit with four uses and Selfeeder Varimec as its driving force.
It incorporates a tool change mechanism and can also be used as an Automatic Drill Press.


  • Process integration is possible by selecting the required spindle from the four axes and applying a suitable program.
  • Because it uses cam indexing and notch piston positioning, the CNC Turret Head 4TH3S can perform rigid machining with a high degree of precision.
  • The large degree of freedom when it comes to manufacturing a mounting stand is because it is driven by the "Selfeeder Varimec SSV3" and other components.



1. The selection of models should be based on the shape, material quality, machinability, tool diameter and material, rotation speed (machining velocity), etc. of the work piece.
2. The drilling capacity displayed in the above table is based on values representing a drilling depth of two times the diameter of the drill.
3. Indexing time is turret turning time. It does not include spindle start/stop time.
4. When mounting the Turret Head, ensure that the SSV3-7100THB Type is used at 7,000 min-1 or less.
5. The servo motor feed shaft has a holding brake.

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