Selfeeder Component Drilling Units

High-efficiency, high-rigidity drilling units.

Servo Series

Using servo motor for feed axis. Available to set rotation and feed to any speed - and a built-in guide enables high-precision drilling.

Multi-functional basic model servo feeder.



Maximum Drilling Capacity (mm)

Coolant center through specifications (only avalable with SSM4 and SSM5






Air Series

Using air as the feed drive. Rotating drive motor is either electric or pneumatic. Select the best unit that suits your application, from a wide range of models.

A diverse lineup, suited to holes of various diameters.


Maximum Drilling Capacity (mm)






Portable Concentric Drilling Units for the Aviation Industry

Portable pneumatic drilling units specifically designed for the Aerospace Industry

High-performance pneumatic drive with a built-in high-torque, high-durability pneumatic motor. Lightweight, compact unit harnessing Sugino's drilling technology.

 Maximum Drilling Capacity (mm)