A lot of machine in a small footprint. 

Are you buying too much machine? Explore compact, precise, horizontal machining centers with high rigidity and repeatable results. Task-oriented modularity in a BT30 might be your perfect fit.
Sugino Horizontal Machining Centers

Save space. Save money. Save time.

Our BT30 machining centers are designed as a flexible alternative to BT40 options. Sugino has been manufacturing machining centers since 1986 - and our goal is to provide accurate,  high rigidity options that lower costs, improve your cycle times, and let you get more work done.

Compact size

A smaller footprint means more space for more machines.

Sugino Horizontal Machining Center comparison

Highly rigid

CAE structural analysis has reduced body weight and enabled stable high speed and high precision processing for highly accurate milling and boring.

Deep hole drilling with gun drilling

Highly accurate and efficient deep hole drilling with through-spindle coolant system. Suitable for CAM shafts, common rails, delivery pipes, and CVT output shafts. 

Sugino Deep Hole and gun Drilling tool
Sugino Horiztonal Machining Center with 71 tool capacity

From 15 to 71 tool capacity

Large tool capacity option available to maximize efficiency when changing jobs and reduce cycle times.

Easy automation

The Z-axis turntable provides excellent compatibility with Gantry loaders. The space-saving design makes it suitable for automation in narrow spaces.

Explore Automation Options

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Flexible Automation 


Sugino Horiztonal Machining Center Self Unit

For a dedicated machine such as dial machine, transfer machine, etc.

Self-Unit + Machine Bed

Sugino Horizontal Machining Center H15B

For automation line designed by customer.

Self-Unit + Machine Bed + Full Cover

Sugino Horiztonal Machining Center Bt30

Selfcenter Standard Type