Processing Raw Materials with Minimal Contamination

Sugino's Learning Series on Processing Raw Materials

Last week we discussed the various methods available for processing raw materials, focusing primarily on bead milling and wet-jet milling. This week we want to take a deeper dive into wet-jet milling, and specifically, Sugino’s Star Burst lineup of wet-jet milling machines for processing raw materials with minimal contamination.

Carbon nanotube after processing with the Star Burst wet jet milliing deviceProcessing or homogenizing particles to nano-level size can improve their efficacy. Homogenization of nanoparticles or ultrafine particles refers to the process of reducing the average diameter of a solid material’s particles.

The term “homogenization” includes many different processes:

  • Dispersion loosens aggregated particles into primary particles.
  • Emulsification reduces droplet size in a liquid.
  • Pulverization refers to crushing primary particles.
  • Exfoliation peels layered substances while maintaining the aspect ratio – cleavage, etc.



Illustrations of Exfoliation, Pulverization, Emulsification, and Dispersion

Visualization of the different ways raw materials can be processed.


However, when milling with grinding media like bead milling there can be contamination problems (impurities).

Star Burst’s water-jet method solves these problems.

Minimizing contaminants in processing raw materials for batteries

What is the wet-jet method?

High-pressure water is sprayed from a thin nozzle that exceeds the speed of sound – Injection speed of 245MPa: Mach 2 (700m / s). It is powerful enough to cut iron and ideal for material processing.

The raw material (slurry or emulsion) is jetted from the nozzle at a high speed to make a water jet.

The strong shearing force applied during injection and the energy generated by collisions between raw materials pulverize the raw materials to the nano level.

Wet-jet processing of raw materials delivers many benefits over other common processing methods:

Minimal Contamination

Star Burst does not use any grinding media and provides products with the minimum amount of contamination.

A chart showing the minimal contamination levels of materials processed with Star Burst

Homogenized Particle Size

Uniform particles with narrow particle size distribution can be achieved by controlling the injection speed of raw material.

Chart comparisons of uniform particle size

High Pulverizing Capability

Effective nano-level pulverization and dispersion can be achieved in a short duration of time.

Excellent Scale-up

Processing results achieved during research and development (R&D) are highly reproducible with our larger production-scale machines – with settings that transfer across systems – making the transition to full-scale production smooth and easy.

If you’re intrigued and feel that Star Burst technology may be right for your material processing, reach out. We would love to talk to you about your goals and challenges and make a plan to start testing your materials in our U.S.-based, Chicago lab facility.


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